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                              WAWARD 2011

Our company has been over 20 years on the market of foodstuffs. Is an importer, exporter and manufacturer of food products. Collaborates with carefully selected suppliers from Spain, Italy, Germany, India, Thailand, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia.

P.H. Royal LLC. is the owner of the trade mark Royal Brand ®. The company has several patents and also patent its own product designs. In 2010, we received the prestigious "Dziennika Gazety Prawnej" - Quality of the Year 2009. In the following years we also received the mark "EKO Quality of the Year 2010" and "Gold Quality of the Year  2011"

Our products are certified to GOST-R, allowing them to trading on the Russian market.

Our products are also ready-made ​​dishes based on pasta, soybean, spices and mushrooms. They require only a few minutes to be ready to eat.

Interesting products are also flavored sugars.We offer flavors of mint, lemon, strawberry, raspberry. They are perfect for making drinks.

We introduced
three lines of spices:

Mixtures - are characterized by yellow labels. We include Hungarian chicken Indonesian
noodles, Silesia  pork knuckle, Podbeskidzki pork , Rissotto with saffron, kwaśnicę,  mixes for pizza and scrambled eggs.

Spices of our fields and meadows - The majority of national Polish dried vegetables and spices.

Indian Spices -  cardamom, red pepper, fenugreek etc.

The company has offered about 200 spices and blends. Our partners are E. Leclerc, Peter and Paul, Alma, Bomi, Daisy, Hala Banacha, Astra Wroclaw, Wroclaw Epi

                                                                                                                                          Article about our company in "Polish Market"

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