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Vanilla beans Wholesale
offer you genuine Bourbon vanilla directly from Madagascar and vanilla beans from other countries like Mexico, Indonesia, Uganda. Our vanilla have a very rich tease with flavour sweet balsamic scent characteristic of sun-warmed vanilla pods.

5 Bourbon vanilla beans, length 10-16 cm, price 9,4 EUR
beans of vanilla Bourbon, length 10-16 cm, price 16,5 EUR
beans of vanilla Bourbon,  length 10-16 cm, price 26 EUR
100 Bourbon vanilla sticks, length 10-16 cm, price 106
1kg -100 kg vanilla beans length 10-16 cm - ask for price


Purchase vanilla pods wholesale, Wholesale Vanilla Extracts, Wholesale Vanilla Paste & Wholesale Vanilla Powder

We are able to offer competitive prices for bulk purchases of the following products:

    Vanilla Pods Wholesale (MOQ: 1 kg)
    Vanilla Extracts Wholesale (MOQ: 5 Litres)
    Wholesale Vanilla Essence (MOQ: 5 Litres)
    Madagascan Vanilla Paste (MOQ: 5 kg)
    Madagascan Vanilla Powder (MOQ: 1 kg)
    Exhausted Vanilla Seeds (MOQ: 1 kg)
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vanilla bourbon Royal Brand

vanilla bourbon Royal Brand vanilla bourbon Royal Brand