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About truffles
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What is it about truffles that people are mad at their point for thousands of years? Of course, flavor and aroma that can ennoble even the most ordinary dish. Recognized by the delicacy of gourmet delicacies, are used as a spice and an ingredient of dishes such as foie gras, added to roasts, salads, soups, and even scrambled eggs and omelets. They can also be reported as a separate dish - wrapped in bacon and baked. Often they are used to flavor the oil.

Hidden beneath the surface of a thin layer of soil is properly invisible and very difficult to find. Therefore, to the search uses specially trained dogs and pigs, which are the habitat of mushroom flavor.
The most valuable species of truffles is truffle czarnozarodnikowa southern French white from Italy's Piedmont, and the summer, which can be found in the warmer parts of Europe. Most information has been obtained about 10 days after heavy rain when the soil is moist and hot. The maturity of the fungus provides a little "wilted" hat. Harvested truffles can be stored in oil, in airtight containers. Prior to peel mushrooms, cleaned and scalded with boiling water fruiting bodies. But the best are fresh.

In search of truffles
I used to search for these fungi were treated as entertainment palace and not invited to the distinguished guests. Today's search of truffles is an extremely rare hobby. For the average encounter with truffle mushroom would be comparable to finding a needle in a haystack. Most fungi grow near the roots of oak, linden, poplar and willow, is gradually becoming a parasite. Spores spread by symbiosis with certain animals that dig truffles contribute to their spreading. Forest gourmets are truffles, among others boars and squirrels. You can try to look out for these fungi based on observation of these animals. Animals generally well suited for searching truffles. Specially trained dogs and pigs can sniff fruiting bodies. Most truffle pickers move on mushrooming in the tenth, twelfth day after heavy rains. It is important that the earth was warm and moist. It is assumed that the most appropriate is when a mushroom-shaped hats parasolowatym begin to wilt.

The search beginns
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